How to “save” employers and employees millions in health care costs while producing a positive impact on the organization’s ROI and bottom line.

Today, a major problem and concern facing many CEOs, CFOs and Chief HR Officers in the area of health care reform, is that, regardless of company’s performance (outstanding or poor), cost associated with employer-based health plans (fully insured or self-funded) continue to increase annually by thousands or millions while producing a negative impact on the organization’s monetary return on investment and bottom line.

To successfully address this critical issue while complying with mandatory requirements under the Affordable Care Act, a new health care program has been developed,called EP2S Health Care Benefit Rewards. This new Program is designed to save employers & employees thousandsmillions while:

1. Supporting the organization’s strategic business and health care objectives

2. Producing a positive impact on organization’s ROI, revenue, cash flow & bottom line

3. Eliminating employees’ health care costs (increase employees’ annual take home-pay by thousands-millions)

4. Increasing or maintaining employees’ level of health care coverage while reducing the organization’s health care costs by 50-100% (millions in cost-savings)

5. Eliminating fees and reporting requirements under the Affordable Care Act

6. Eliminating or negating the impact of penalties under the Affordable Care Act

7. Eliminating problems and concerns regarding part-time employees working more, same or less than 30 hours per week

8.Eliminating problems and concerns regarding changes to or defunding of “Obamacare”

The above only represent a few of many unique features of EP2S Health Care Benefit Rewards Program that can add value to an organization while enhancing its ability to gain a competitive edge through its people.

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