INTRODUCTION TO EP2S Health Care Benefit Rewards Program




ep2s book coverToday, one of the major problems and concerns facing many organizations in the area of health care reform, is that, regardless of performance (outstanding or poor) health care costs increase annually by thousands – millions with no monetary return on the organization’s “health care dollar” while producing  a negative impact on its bottom line. To successfully solve this critical issue, while complying with mandatory requirement under the Affordable Care Act, a new health care program call EP2S Health Care Benefit Rewards has been developed. This new health care program is designed to save employers & employees thousands-millions in health care costs while producing a positive impact on the organization’s ROI, cash flow,revenues and bottom line. This new “Handbook” provides CEOs, CFOs, HR executives, management, professionals, practitioners, educators and interested parties with an overview of how this can be easily accomplished while supporting an organization’s strategic business and HR objectives in the area of health care reform. This handbook also provides an overview of a new job evaluation method called EP2S Career Grade Job Evaluation System. This new method is designed to add value to an organization by increasing employees’ career growth and pay while reducing the organization’s labor costs by thousands-millions.


EP2S Health Care Benefit Rewards Program

Win-Win for Employers & Employees
Softcover $97.50

New and Innovative Health Care Program

Book highlights how EP2S Health Care Benefit Rewards Program can enhance an organization’s efforts to:

1. Support strategic business and health care objectives
2. Eliminate employees’ health care costs (increase employees’ annual take-home pay by thousands-millions)
3. Increase or maintain employees’ level of coverage while reducing organization’s health care costs by 50-100%
4. Gain over 100% return on the organization’s “health care dollar”
5. Produce a positive impact on the organization’s cash flow, revenues and bottom line
6. Eliminate fees and reporting requirements under the Affordable Care Act
7. Eliminate or negate the impact of penalties under the Affordable Care Act
8. Eliminate concerns regarding part-time employees working more, same  or less than 30 hours per week
9. Eliminate problems and concerns regarding changes to or defunding of “Obamacare”
10. Eliminate costs associated with health insurance providers, third party administrators, brokers, consultants, stop-loss insurance providers and other related costs and services (save thousands-millions in health care costs)
11. Eliminate annual increases in program cost due to inflation or other outside market factors
12. Enhance the company’s efforts to attract, empower, reward and retain talent needed to move organization forward

Handbook also includes a Special Edition Called “EP2S Career Grade Job Evaluation System”

The following is an overview of how EP2S Career Grade Job Evaluation System can add value to an organization and its employees:

  1. Structure and evaluate broadly defined jobs based on an employee’s demonstrated ability to perform the next “career grade”
  2. Enhance your company’s ability to cut labor cost by thousands or millions without reducing headcount or employees’ pay
  3. System designed to support career development that benefits both company & employees
  4. System design to adds simplicity and flexibility to job evaluation process while eliminating the need for numerous job descriptions
  5. System designed to supports company values as well as its business and human capital objectives
  6. System designed to provide continuous training to both management and employees
  7. System promotes organizational agility and flexibility during mergers and other major organizational changes
  8. System provides over 100% return on HR investment while producing a positive impact on the company’s bottom line
  9. Enhance company’s ability to attain and maintain internal pay equity
  10. Eliminate the need for job evaluation appeals, committees, or annual job audits for compliance purposes (FLSA, etc.)
  11. Eliminate “job creep”
  12. Eliminate overlap of supervisor and subordinates salary midpoints