Introducing: A New Competency-based Broadbanding System that adds value to an organization and its employees!

broadbandingEP2S has developed a new competency-based job evaluation method to assist you as you transform your own compensation programs and pay structures in a manner that supports strategic business and compensation objectives. This new broadbanding job evaluation method provides a road map to ensure that your company gains and maintain a competitive edge through its people while producing a positive impact on employees’ career growth, pay and organization’s bottom line. You’ll also discover easy-to-follow templates, practical tips and guidelines, straight-forward advice about compensation traps to avoid, and information regarding establishing meaningful goals and measures to gauge success.

For years companies have been forced to adopt and/or administer traditional job evaluation methods that can be costly, complex, bureaucratic and normally add little or no value to an organization. To effectively address this issue, EP2S Broadbanding Method has been developed as a viable and proven alternative. The unique feature of EP2S Broadbanding presented in this book will show you how to:

1.  Cut labor & benefit costs by millions without reducing headcount and employees’ pay
2.  Develop system that supports both company and human capital objectives
3.  Determine if your company is paying more for labor than is competitively necessary
4.  Eliminate the need for formal and/or detailed job descriptions
5.  Gain the maximum return on human capital investments (ROHCI)
6.  Develop systems that support career development that benefit both company & employees

EP2S Broadbanding

EP2S Broadbanding
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